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Murray R. Low

Murray R. Low is an international consultant and executive coach in large and closely held companies. Murray was the CEO of a multi-million-dollar leadership business and a member of the C-suite in a 3,000 person company. Murray has coached and advised the C-suite members in athletics, technology and private business over the last three decades in the following areas:

  • Executive development
  • Strategy development
  • Organization-wide culture change
  • Executive behavior modification
  • Communications
  • Leadership
  • Leading change
  • Conflict resolution
  • Holding people accountable
  • Team dynamics
  • Retirement transition planning
  • Strategic Planning

An international speaker, trainer and consultant, Murray has leveraged his accounting designation and Master’s Degree in Organizational Behavior in North America, Europe and Asia with some of the largest organizations in the world.

He currently focuses on bringing science and analytics to leadership development in specialized industries and situations.

Brian A. Storey

Brian is a psychologist, CEO, and international consultant. He has advised C-suite members in industries including sport and high tech, and has investigated and invested in these and  other industries. Brian has coached and advised the C-suite over the last three decades in areas including:

  • Executive leadership & C-Suite performance
  • Organization change
  • Organization, team and leadership psychometrics
  • Executive behavior/ personal success
  • Elite athletic performance
  • Sport coach leadership
  • Change initiatives / managing – leading change
  • International expansion & strategy
  • Conflict resolution
  • Executive retention
  • Team dynamics and development
  • Managing / growth of direct reports

Having spoken and consulted on three continents, he has degrees in Psychology, Organizational and Educational Psychology from the University of San Diego, and the University of Calgary, has studied at UBC and his father’s alma matter; Stanford. He is a Chartered Psychologist, and holds teaching and counseling credentials at the public school and college levels in Canada and the United States.

He currently focuses on bringing science and analytics to leadership primarily in sport and high tech.