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Winning In Every Way

What comes to mind when you hear about doping, drugs/drug testing, exploitation of unpaid athletes, domestic violence, #MeToo, illegal endorsements and national anthem protests? In today’s never-ending news cycles, the number and variety of sports’ scandals and controversies appears to … Continue reading

Leadership As Competitive Advantage In Sport

In a salary cap world, are sports physiology, psychology, physical and mental preparedness, training, analytics, equipment and even sleep research becoming commodities?  Could leadership be an untapped source of competitive advantage?   Sport organizations often overlook the connection between the performance of the leaders within the organization, (Ownership, President, Director … Continue reading

Is Leadership in High Tech Different?

Steve Jobs. Bill Gates. Larry Ellison. Michael Dell. Jeff Bezos. Larry Page. Elon Musk. Mark Zuckerberg. It’s no wonder we believe leading a technology company has become a cult of personality. Leadership in general is revered and coveted and while … Continue reading

How We Simplify Leadership

Is leadership rocket science? You might think so after you Google “leadership” and get 374 million results in a nanosecond. It’s no wonder executives don’t focus attention on their own leadership development. But if you ask them if it makes a difference, they all can … Continue reading