Bringing Science to Executive Development
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ExecutiveScience clearly articulates a specific, tangible leadership framework along with the measurable differences between good and great leaders.


ExecutiveScience establishes a dynamic scorecard for leadership that measures your team’s performance before, during and after the engagement.


ExecutiveScience provides both individual and team coaching that integrates the measurable leadership framework with real-time business challenges.

What They Say

“In order to continue on our trajectory of ambitious growth, we knew that we needed to get the next step change of performance from our existing leadership team. ExecutiveScience helped us clearly understand what was working well and what was still missing in our current leadership environment at both the individual and team level. They have helped us to greatly expand the bandwidth of our executive team so we that we can continue to drive aggressively towards breakthrough results.”

"Having spent many years working in the field, I am thrilled to see that Murray and Brian are stepping in to fill the gaps in current approaches to leadership development. Individual development is important, but adding a customized approach to development of the executive team and establishing tangible measures  for results will take organizational development and enterprise success to a new level."

"Murray and Brian bring a varied and deep toolkit to the problem of leadership development and enterprise success. The combination of individual and executive team development with quantifiable measurement of the impact enhanced leadership brings to an organization will be extremely powerful."


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