New Company Brings Science to Executive Development

UTAH/ALBERTA – September 29, 2016 – Murray Low and Brian Storey have teamed up to launch ExecutiveScience™, a company that takes executive development to the next level. Murray and Brian have combined sixty years of experience in analytics and leadership development to implement a breakthrough executive development process by:

  • Clearly articulating the leadership framework and the measurable differences between good and great leaders,
  • Establishing a dynamic scorecard for leadership that measures team performance before, during and after an engagement, and
  • Providing both individual and team coaching that integrates the measurable leadership framework with real-time business challenges.

“I’ve been passionate about leadership for over 40 years and am deeply grateful for executives who have invested in leadership development because it was the right thing to do. We’re opening new frontiers and no longer have to do leadership development for the sake of leadership development. Now we can clearly show the impact that leadership in the C-suite has on the bottom line,” says Murray, CEO and co-founder.

“A company can only be as good as its leaders and we can now differentiate between good and great leaders.” says Brian, ExecutiveScience President and co-founder. “This now allows us to measure the difference in company performance before, during and after executives take the initiative to move to the next level of results by strengthening the leadership team.”

ExecutiveScience is looking to partner with companies that want to take a rigorous, analytic and practical approach to executive development – an approach that also focuses on real-time business challenges.

About ExecutiveScience

Murray Low and Brian Storey founded ExecutiveScience to bring science and analytics to executive development. ExecutiveScience is a professional services firm that leverages and extends world-class leadership development platforms to executives globally with the intent to simplify, quantify and integrate leadership to produce breakthrough results. Brian and Murray help organizations build leadership capacity and capability through long-term relationships with senior teams and by using best practices in assessment, coaching and team development. They help companies leverage executive development by creating stronger leadership and then verifying how leadership improvement creates breakthrough results.


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